Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

omgee - I just came across this site & I already luv it. If you wanna buy something e.g. clothes online but you’re not sure whether you should buy it now or wait till sale. And your indifferent, like I am sometimes, since I feel like I have the “mainstream size” like everybody else – that if not buying it now it might be gone (forever)… as the pieces on sale are limited – so you have to be quick “an early bird” *lol* hence, in order to be an early bird and to be the first to grab once it is sale – there is this site called Hukkster. I just registered and I simply luv the idea behind it that I wanna share this site with you :)

It's so easy to use:
  1. Register (one can choose between facebook account or Gmail. I chose the last one as I don’t wanna Hukkster to get access to my private information);
  2. Once registered it will send you an invitation email for confirmation reasons;
  3. Once confirmed it there is a so-called “Hukkster Button” that needs to be bookmarked;
  4. Once it’s done – feel free to start with your online shopping;
  5. Everytime you see sometime that you wanna buy but unsure whether now or later bookmark it by clicking on the “Hukkster Button” – and your item will be saved automatically;
  6. Moreover, once the item, where you have an eye on goes on sale you will get immediately an automatic notification – how great is that – getting the chance to buy the same pieces that you like for less money? Do you know any other site that works like Hukkster?
So me – once I got this button bookmarked I was starting to browse for clothes. First stop Hollister ~~ What you think of these two pieces? Btw. I will give here an up-date later – if it really works…

Cardiff Jacket (£140)
Belmont Shore Sweater (£39) - think I might gonna buy this even before it goes on sale ^.^

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