Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Beamish Museum

The weather this week-end is perfect!! Finally non-stop sunshine since Friday afternoon *lalala*
Healthy Breakfast as "kick off" =^.^=
I have heard and read about Beamish Museum already since I am in Newcastle in various tourist guides – but took interest in visiting it last year around Christmas. However, the Christmas weather was not that great – plus, due to some personal reasons it was postpone till today. Anyway, I finally visit this place~

And it’s great!! Really recommendable, even though, I am not so sure if I’m going to visit it soon again...
Beamish Unlimited Ticket
The entrance ticket price is £17.50 (for adult) and £13 (for students). However, you can use the “Beamish Unlimited Ticket” for 12 month -> visit it as often as you want :) I have met a person today, who told me, that he is a regular visitor with his family. I guess if you have kids – this a really good and nice place for a family day trip~ Plus, you don’t need to pay entrance fee again for the next 12 months~

Moreover, if you take any "Go North East" bus to get there and show at the entrace the bus ticket, you will get 25% discount.
The Museum is divided into many “sub” attraction parts. Each different part creates the life “how it was back then”. Even the staffs there are dressed like in the past.

Today, they also had a “mini concert” at the “Town centre”
mini concert
Besides that there are also many animals to see (e.g. horses, duck, pig, dogs etc) – and everything is surrounded by natural~ 

I really like the candy shop – unfortunately, when I arrived the attraction of how sweets are made (in the traditional way of course) was closed :(
Chocolate and Cola Crush
Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist of not buying some candies~ they are sooo yummy – maybe for the candies I might gonna visit Beamish Museum (soon) again :)

Lisa xoxo

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