Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

Hello August

I know I have already written in a previous post that I gonna find a new job. It’s been now 2months ago. Nothing really has happened because all I did was to re-new my CV & Cover letter. These two files are barely untouched. But starting from TODAY – I really gonna DO this!!! There are many reasons that hold me back after all living in a city for 2 years I become bit “lazy” of leaving things/ friends behind – but life goes on. If I don’t move now to London – I don’t know when I will *hahaha* Plus, I am really fed-up from my employer promises that things will gonna go into “brighter” – Maybe it will and I might regret it (which I don’t think I ever will) but I have really enough of waiting till this moment and suffer myself till then with unhappiness. I know that not every job should be “fun” – but I should at least say “I love my job” right? Or at least “I like what I am doing daily” After at all I am spending ~40h of my time per week at the office. 
But enough is enough!! I feel so unhappy each day, which also reflects my work productivity. Hence, before I got “fired” I am leaving!! Fingers crossed that I can find a new job (very) soon!! (^.^)v #determinant

Lisa xoxo

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