Samstag, 23. November 2013

Nov.'13 - Haul

Actually, I wasn’t planning to have so soon another Bodyshop Membership card. My old one just expired last month, however, there was a promotion on – a £15 voucher for a value of up to £30 (50% saving) Plus, a free Membership card, which would normally cost £5. I couldn’t resist of not buying this voucher *haha*

This is what I have bought for an exchange of my voucher
1. Headband (£4)
2. Facial Buffer (£4)
3. Comb (£4) – I already own a Bodyshop comb but this one is made of wood
4. White kohl (£8)
5. Eye shadow (£7) – Colour Crush
6. Born Lippy – Pomegranate Lip Balm (£3) – My old one is almost all. So, this one comes very handy.

All in all it would have cost me £30 (excluding the membership card) – Good deal, huh? :)

Lisa xoxo

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