Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

ByeBye 2013

In some countries it’s already 2014, while I am still waiting for this year to end… 2013 wasn’t a (very) happy year for me… even though there were some happy moments and positive surprises involved… but overall… In general, the 12 months (plus 4 months (since Sep.) from the previous year) were one of the most painful and so far hard to forget ones.

But 2014 gonna be a change!! As I feel I have slowly started to become the me, that I was, before the tragedy happened in Sep. 2012 – where I lost the confidence in myself… and become more and more an introvert and insecure person. Life had showed my once again, that life is bittersweet and take nothing and no one for granted.

But I believe it’s a part of a lesson, that everyone is gonna have in one’s lifetime. It’s part of growing-up and becoming more mature. And there is always a rainbow, after the rain…
2014 - Please be Good, Please be Better & Please be Yourself!

Lisa xoxo

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