Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Music Monday #4

Hope everyone has had an awesome week-end behind?!
This Friday will be Chinese New Year (aka in some Asian countries as Lunar New Year). The Year of the Horse (starts officially on 31st Jan). So, if you felt like the whole January wasn’t like how you would imagine to kick off the New Year for various reasons e.g. haven’t managed to put your New Year’s resolution into action yet (like me *lol*) Don’t worry, there is still an excuse… Smile with tongue out The New Year hasn’t really started yet till this Friday… February will be totally different… Winking smile
Anyway, my Music Monday song choice goes to…
Can you guess which language?
Chinese Open-mouthed smile
This is one of my favourite Chinese songs… I have choosing one with a “happy content” *haha* after all it’s Monday and we all wanna start the new week with happiness.
NoteNoteNoteSarang Hae Yo means I love NoteNoteNote(btw. Sarang Hae Yo is Korean not Chinese. In Chinese “I love you = Wo Ai Ni”)

Lisa xoxo

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