Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Hello Spring 2014

I have to say that winter this year in Europe was so far pretty short (in comparison to some other places…). I currently live in the North East of the UK and if my memory is correct we only had one day of snow??! And the temperature was “too warm” for the snow to stay… Hence, unlike last year, where the snow didn’t want to go away till April (!) this year we had barely snow. It’s still pretty windy outside; however, the sky is blue :)

I truly hope that we won’t get any surprises in April – with sudden snow...
There are many ways to ‘celebrate’ this new season. Here are my favourite 5:

  1. Put fresh flowers in your room;
  2. Change your wardrobe style (& painting colourful nails in these colours);
  3. Celebrate Sundays with Ice Creams & Strawberries (oh yeah – strawberry season has def. started for me);
  4. Go for a walk in a park and if temperature outside allows have a picnic;
  5. Enjoy the new season and do something new to celebrate it :D

Lisa xoxo

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