Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Hello - Welcome to My Blog

First of All - Thanks for stopping by :)
I have tried and failed in the past to maintain a blog. For various reasons… One of them might be just too lazy or just too busy (not that my life become less busy now)… *lol* However, I like to document things that happen in my life. Things that I wanna capture (even though some of these might be "pointless" to document but these were part of my journey/ my life). The old fashioned way might be a diary but I can't post a "video" in it as well as many other things... multimedia & visual win here *hehe*

Anyway, I have decided to give it another try & here I am :)

The aim of this blog might be the same as with my previous ones. I wanna share things that I like (or dislike). It can be about travel, fashion, food or just trival things etc... (: There is no specific genre on which this blog will focus on – just things that come across my daily life. 

I am not sure how often I will be able to post - BUT - I'm going to keep this blog for a while... :)

Even though, I currently sort of feel as if I am talking to myself at the moment, seeing as I have no followers, but hopefully someone will take interest in this... I hope *hahaha* (^.^)v

Anyway, all I wanna say is - welcome to my journey/ blog! \(^_^)/
Ah - and I should mention that English is not my 1st language. Therefore, please excuse my little language ooopsies every now & again - even though I do my very best :) 

Lisa xoxo

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