Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

My Mini Nail Polish Collection

Two days ago I removed my nail polish colour “bleu nuit” (no. 51) Really liked this colour – might go back to this in a few weeks. 

This is a small collection of my nail polish by Yves Rocher. 

I luv these mini bottles (3ml) as I don’t like to use a nail polish bottle for a long time (even though they don’t have an expiry date). After about one year, once I opened it, I will throw it away. That’s why I prefer buying these mini bottles – wouldn't feel guilty if I throw them away as I have already used ~50% of it *lol*

So far there are 17 colours of these mini nail polishes available… wanna buy Pink rubis soon (from its new autumn/ winter collection).

Before my manicure

After I applied the Base on (also from Yves Rocher, 10ml)

After I applied Rose pastel (no.11)

Looks natural & shining (^_^)v - with the Base on it this colour will stay for ~1 week (without for about ~3 days)

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