Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012


When I was „young“– back to grammar school time ~~ I loved to use my spare time with reading books. My favourite books back then were Harry Potter (what a surprise) and the books by Nicholas Sparks – amazing author. If you like these movies “A Walk to Remember”, “The Lucky One” or “Message in a Bottle” you will probably like all the other books, written by this author, as these movies where based on his book. 

Anyway, when I started with my A-Level preparations and then university, I realized that I only read occasionally a book (by that I mean fiction books) – maybe once a year?! As I was too busy with all the academic papers – do I sound like a nerd here? Anyway, one of my colleague at work decided to create a book club – great idea, which I didn’t even hesitate to join~~ 

This is our 1st round book club reading list:

Conclusion: Well written - and def. interesting to read and to talk about. A boy gets lost, through this addiction, in the cyber space world...


Conclusion: Haven't start reading this book - but dunno if I should as I've already seen the movie by Ang Lee... Not that impressive? Do you think I should read the book to get a deeper understanding of the whole situation?!


Do you have any other books that you think one should definitely read? If yes, feel free to comment your suggestions ^.^

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