Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012


As the title of this post already assume, I will be moving into a new place again – this will be so far my 5th moving within ~ 18month >.< The first place, where I lived was in M.A. for app. 1month. It was only temporary. The reason why I moved out was that the public transportation there was very inconvenient. 

Then I signed up an 11month contract with an agency in C.R. After the contract end I didn’t know whether I would still stay in this city or moving into another city or even country. As my one year PG program is about to end. Therefore, I signed up a 2month contract in S.T. Luckily I got a job offer in this city but this also means I had to look for a new place (-.-)" But this time I thought it would be for a longer time period – at least for 6month – in the same length as with my 6 onth job probation. If I pass the 6month, then I would either extent the rent contract or moving to another place if I don’t get well with my room-mates. Both way, this should happen next year around March and until then I would live at my current place in S.V.

However, who can predict that only after 3month I decided to move out agian - voluntary... For those who don’t know me might think I am a very difficult person – but that's not true. I confess I consider many criterias when choosing for a place to stay, e.g. cleanness, location – infrastructure, grocery, bathroom etc. Actually, I should also include room-mates as this is very important as well. However, living in a flat/ house share with random people one cannot decide with who one wants to live with. Positive side: meet new people, learn new culture (if this person is from another nationality), more flexibility as the relation is only based on "room-mate" - one can talk to each-other if one is in the mood or decide not to or to stay as being just room-mates or friends. Negative side: you never knew with what kind of ppl you were forced to live to. 

My room-mate experiences in:
  • M.A. – friendly people, easy-going, mature
  • C.R. – it was in a big house with 7ppl in total including me. Conclusion: loud, dirty, some of the flat-mates were a bit too immature. One of my room-mate even said “after survived in this house, all the other places incl. room-mates will be much nicer and better” – true or not?!
  • S.T. – true :) get really well with my room-mate and we even become good friend in that short time of period ~~
  • S.V. – nice on the first sight – even though I found this one room-mate a bit strange… but “nice”… However, after a few months this person turns out to be a “lunatic” (even the other room-mate, who is also the landlord, describes it in a nicer way as “being sooo paranoid and unreasonable”. I decided to move out immediately as living under these condition I might turn out into a paranoid person as well as I don’t trust the other room-mate anymore and I’m still thinking that the night, where I got my stomach flu might caused through her cooking (back then, when I didn’t know this person “deep”...)
Have you ever lived with a “crazy” room-mate before or with people that you don’t get along very well? If yes, how did you solve this problem?

Anyway, now I have to look for a new place again and that during a festival season – ooohhh 2012 – you really became a forgettable year for me… - what else of surprises to you have for me?

These are some useful website for room hunters ~~ if you know any other good site – feel free to share it with me ~~

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