Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Beaches & Fish and Chips

Oooohhhh – in a happy mood today but is it because qq & I gonna make a trip to the beach today?! Or happy to escape the city life for a while?! 

I started my day at “Pret à Manger” before we head off to Whitley Bay.

One of the best reasons to live in this city is that it is so close to the beach. Just takes about 30min on the metro.

Isn't it such a beautiful place

On a such beautiful day


What I like most about beaches is the fresh smell and the peaceful surrounding - which makes me very calm inside and forgot about almost everything else for a moment...

We walked from Whitley Bay to Tynemouth along the coast and ooohhh - old memories came into my mind - when we passed Beaches & Cream, where I had my first traditional English Afternoon tea in NCL, last year around February as well...

Finally, we arrived Tynemouth

The main reason to come here to Tynemouth is to have Fish & Chips at Marshall's, which is supposed to be the best shop around this area

That's how it looks inside the box

After that we took the metro from Tynemounth back to City Center - with making a stop first at the Tynemouth market

What a lovely day - felt like holiday *hehehe* Happy Sunday everyone~

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