Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

Starting to go to the Gym again

I’ve signed up for a gym again. But this time only on a Pay As You Go monthly, which means with NO CONTRACT!! I don’t like signing up for a gym membership card in the long-term. I used to sign up one for 2 years but then always forget or too lazy to cancel it on time and it ended up into almost 5 years >.<

As I barely use the gym. I think once I sign up for a gym, I’m very motivated to go BUT only at the very beginning, then the “excuses” arise more and more of not going to the gym :p therefore, I’m very glad that the gym, around the place where I live offer this on a monthly basis (for £20). This way, I know I’ll be motivated to go to the gym as this membership will expire after 1 month and then I have to extend it for another month (if I want to…). Therefore, I wanna use the maximum out of this 1 month *lol*I know it’s easy to say but hard to put into practice *lol* Anyway, I’ll keep my results/ goals here up-dated (^.^)"

One of my goal is to lose weight – guess that's one of the main reason why people joining the gym :) Anyway, I measured my weight today and it says 56kg *crying* ;( gaining on weight again, even though I have to minus a little bit as I had my sport clothes on but still… oooO_Oooo I hope that when I weight myself next time/month it will show +/-53kg (I think loosing 3kg should be manageable). And then till March again another 3kg, so that around spring (in three months time) I only weight about 50kg *hehehe*

I even bought I new pair of white/pink Nike trainers to strengthen my motivation *lol*I bought them from Sports Direct. I would suggest that if one wanna buy new sports outfits or equipment to check this place first as they sell everything on a reduced price. 

The original price of my trainers was £39.99 but I got it for £31.99 – nice saving, isn’t it?

Anyway, have you ever managed to get you ideal weight? If yes, how did you realise it?

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