Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Tiger Tiger Baby

Occasionally, I buy vouchers at Livingsocial.com or Groupon.co.uk – dunno if this saves me money or makes me to spend more *lol*

Anyway, I bought this voucher for Tiger Tiger last year. Originally, my plan was to go there around December – but things are always changing. 

The last day to redeem the voucher was on 24 March – So, I was just on time. I went there with qq today and booked a table at 6pm for 2.

The original value of the voucher was up to £63.80 (me saving up to 55% by paying £29)
Which include a welcome drink – starter – main course – desserts – I would say: not a bad deal *hehehe* Especially, I think because it was during a week day – we were the only person - before we finished our food some other guests arrived as well – but the whole time in-between – only us served by a “private” waiter *hahaha* What a nice atmosphere. Feels like we’ve booked the whole restaurant for ourselves as well~
As a welcome drink we were served with strawberry champagne cocktail – as a starter we choose “Pulled BBQ Pork Spring Roll” and “West Coast Hand Picked Crab Cakes”;
Main course “Salmon Supreme” and “6 Oz Prime Beefburger”;
Desserts “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” and “Ice Crème Sundae”.

I was making sure that each of us had ordered a different thing – so that we could share :)

In addition, we ordered a bottle red vine by the brand Ochagavia. The good thing is if one ordered any drinks between 5pm and 9pm – it’s happy hours – every drinks 50% OFF (from restaurant, bar, KTV)!! :) 

After all the yummy food – we decided to spend an hour in one of their private KTV Lucky Voice rooms. It's sooo cheap - as they don't charge per hour but per person. Each hour just £2.5 p.p. so makes us £5 in total (excl. the drinks). Ohhh what an amazing evening – feels like week-end :)

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