Dienstag, 30. April 2013


Omgee – I’m sooo happy. I just discovered my accident that I was featured at my university’s yearly magazine. Last year – they let me sent them a picture of me and some description to them. I filled them out but never received a feedback besides a polite “thank you” email. And today – I’m sooo happy (can you feel it?!). But somehow sad – as it makes me more realize that I miss my carefree student life. I’m not saying this because I saw myself in an online magazine; No, I’ve already told that to all of my friends who are still dealing with uni – and complaining about homework, assignments, exams, dissertations etc. To be honest – I totally dislike those things as well. But that’s the only thing about not liking being a student. But apart from that - it is to schedule uni around your life instead of vice versa. But now working life – schedule your life around work *terrible*The only good thing about working is being financial independent. I don’t like to reply on my parent’s money. I hate in general to ask people for borrowing money, which is why I never do *hahahaha*And I also don’t like if people invite me for food (except for my bf). Strange, I normally like to invite friends for food (I know I’m a good friend) but less willing to invite my bf *hahaha* That’s why he is sometimes complaining. I mean I treat him in nice restaurants occasionally as well but maybe less often than I would do to a friend?! Weird I know. As I said – I expect more from him to invite me. But shouldn't this be anyway?!

Anyway, today is the last day of April 2013 – a usual month with 30days and a lot has happened during this time.

Let me highlight some main points

  • Went on holiday (will back-date a post about it);
  • Learnt how to drive on the left side of the road (more or less the same with right side);
  • Had my six-month review at work (pass it *yeah*);
  • Had … for the first time in my life;
  • Went sick (will back-date a post or create a new post about it as I think that it’s important since I’ve read so much about it now);
  • Being back in a long-distance relationship again;
  • Went home – regret of not being there last year – I really really wish I did… but that’s the cruel side of life – it won’t wait – once you miss it you miss it… Things can change within seconds – therefore, enjoy and be thankful for every moment we live now or spend with our love ones as one will never know how the world will look like tomorrow;
  • Sign up for the gym again;
  • Being feature in a magazine;
  • … and lots more…

Did you have any highlight of the month? Feel free to share them :) Hope May will be more interesting *hahaha*

Ahh, and before, I click on “publish” – I wanna share these will all 90210 lovers. Sooo sad, that there won’t be a season 5 *cry* I know at some point this soap becomes a bit “borred” and it seemed that the writers were out of ideas – but now – close to the end – it makes it hard to accept the fact that there is only two more episode left till the final episode *cry*cry*cry*

Anyway, here is 5x20 (no guarantee if this link is still working but it def. worked when I clicked on it today!! - sooo hurry up before they gonna take it down)

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