Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Flora Prima

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Well apparently not in UK, the country where I live currently. Mother’s Day was here months ago (March 10th). Me doing the same mistake as last year – forgot to purchase any of Mother’s Day greetings card back then. Now if I go to any cards store such as Clintons Cards – I can’t find any of these cards >.< so what to do? Actually, I should just book a flight ticket back home. But because I already went home last month – it won’t be so good to take days off again from work… Plus, I might going back in June… So, I’ve decided to buy my mum flowers instead. I already came across this site last year when I sent a close friend of mine flowers. As their service wasn’t bad – on time delivery and most important they deliver the product as described!! I’ve decided to use their service again.

Flora Prima is an online flower shop store. I would say the price range there is ok – consider the point that the flowers they deliver are fresh!! They have a large flower selection. I choose this one – pretty isn’t it? A bouquet of 5 red roses and one red rose with the golden font “Beste Mama” (Best Mother). Moreover, it includes a vase and Lindt Pralinés. Sweet :)

I know me and my mum doesn’t have the best relationship or the healthiest between mum & daughter – as we are supposed to be “best friends” – but there are too many things that happened… I don’t wanna go into detail… as this is too private… but one thing for sure. No matter how mad or annoying you sometimes are. And the way how you handle things – you are still the most important person in my life. I love you mum (even though I know I’ve never said it to you in person) – as I said our relationship is a bit different than others… but I do love you and I care about you (maybe in a different way showing you this sometimes…) Moreover, I haven’t forgotten and will never do the promise that I have made once last year…

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