Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

French Manicure & Co

Don’t laugh if you read this – but it’s true – I got for the first time French manicure professionally done in a salon and that’s for free (instead of £25). And that by two staffs – right hand – left hand *hahaha* Thanks to a friend of mine, who recently has started to work there.

The whole process took about 40 to 45 minutes. First, my previous nail polish got removed. Then my nails got cut – very very short – I’ve never cut them that short before (kind of bit scared that it might cut a bit skin as well). Next step was to polish the cuticle. Kind of weird – as I’ve never got them look like this. Kind of “ugly” without the natural shine on it – but I was told that this was needed for the next steps. After that I got fake long white nails on them clued – before they got cut to the length I want, namely “short” *lol* Due to my office work, which is inevitable for me working with PC most of the time, I can’t afford to have these “super long” nails *lol*

Anyway, after that a layer was put on my 10 fingers to blend the fake nails with my real nails, before they got polished again.

At the end natural nail strengthen and transparent nail polished were applied with UV gel. This should lasts for up to 4 weeks – not bad the end result – what do you think?

I finished the evening with watching the movie IronMan 3. Before heading to the movie, my friend and I made a stop at YO-sushi *yummy*

I am not going to give a review about IronMan 3: to keep it short – as I’ve been asked by my friends whether it was worth or not worth seeing it. I would say yes (but not YES). The third part was definitely better than the second part. IronMan 2 was just disappointing. However, IronMan 1 is still the best from the trilogy (my point of view)...

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