Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Pizza & Jazz

As I just moved into my new place and most of the stuffs are still unpacked and me bit in a hurry to spend it on cooking I decided for a take-away. There are a few take-away shops near my current place. I decided for Anglo Pizza & Kebab. I ordered Chicken & Pineapple Pizza (9”). If you order it in person, it just costs £3.80 (instead of £5.40). Anglo Pizza & Kebab also do delivery (charges apply). I really like the way of how my pizza came out on the moving floor :)
Chicken & Pineapple Pizza (9”)
Later that night, I went with some friends to Hoochie Coochie, which is situated in Pilgrim Street (NE1 6SF). 

The bar is opened every Thursday till Sunday. If you arrive there before 9pm – It’s 2-for-1 cocktails and entrance before 11pm is free.
2-for-1 whisky sours cocktails
Every Thursday like tonight, they have free live Jazz/ Funk Music with (local) bands playing on stage :)

Lisapq xoxo

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