Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Pink feat. Nate Ruess “Just Give Me a Reason”

I haven’t got an earworm for a long time – but this new song by Pink feat. Nate Ruess “Just Give Me a Reason” – it’s just awesome… kind of remind me of a childhood melody (but can’t remember which one…)

Plus, the lyric of the text is not bad either… Especially, I assume that most of us were in this kind of situation before. At the beginning of a relationship (the “fall in love” step) everything seems so perfect – with lots of butterflies in the stomach, being on cloud seven etc. But once this phase become more reality/ matures (I mean still butterfly and heartbeat when one is around this special person but just different). Little arguments might arise occasionally etc.

And sometimes we just need a little reason/ proof that everything is still like DAY 1 – the day when we fall in love with each-other for the first time. I know that TRUE LOVE doesn’t need any proof but occasionally a little bit more attention or a nice gesture won't hurt...

It really doesn’t need to be presents everyday – just a little bit of attention. If you are a boy reading this now – tell you gf for example how beautiful she is – even though you know that she knows that you find her as the most beautiful girl in this world – but just say it!! Sometimes a little gesture (as we take them for guarantee) can make a difference!! Don’t you agree? Wouldn’t you love it as well if your gf surprises you with sth. like a romantic candlelight dinner, when you arrive home from a long day work?!

With Lyric:

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