Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

O2 – International Calling Card

I have decided to buy another International Calling Card by O2. Is not the cheapest for international calling – well depends to which country you want to call. For £5 one can talk for about 4h to any European Countries and about 8h to China.
I have a Skype Subscription; however, the quality is really not good on my phone. Especially, when I call a friend and I am on the bus or metro. The internet connection drops and so does the call -> frustrating >>.<<
Hence, I am only using Skype calls when I am at home on my iPad or Laptop. 

In UK, there are many phone companies that offer “cheap” international calling, however, not all providers are “stress free”. Let’s say for example Three – which is supposed to be the “UK’s fastest growing mobile network”. All I can say is – DON’T ever subscript with this company!! Sim card is so poor and bad network on the top. Moreover, if you want to cancel your sim card contract it will take you at least 45min or more (no joke!!) as you need to discuss with a salesperson on the phone (who is located in India!! A friend, who used to work for Three, told me that.) why you want to cancel the contract. Plus, he or she will go through every possible options with you to make you stay with Three!!

Anyway, another phone provider, which I used to use, is Lebara – very cheap international calls (almost same rate as with Skype). However, expensive national phone calls (within UK). There is also a provider similar to Lebara called Lycamobile. As I haven’t tried this out yet – I can’t give any recommendations. 

In the past I used to carry two mobile phones with me in my bags; one with Lebara Sim and the other with O2 Sim. But now I just want to have my S3 with me, with an O2 sim card :) And it’s free to call when using the international calling card. And I really like the phone quality. One plus point with O2 is that it will always tell you how much money you still have. Hence, it won’t happy that a call will be ended in middle of a conversation :) 

If you know any international low phone call methods feels free to share :) 

A good app for this is Viber (I recently downloaded it on my phone). It allows free text messages to friends as well as free phone calls. Only condition, your friend needs to have this app as well on his/ her phone. It really saves money, especially, if you have many friends, who don’t live in the UK. As international text messages are unfortunately not included in the 3000 free text messages each month *lol*
Lisapq xoxo

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