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Breakfast is Important

I think this picture pretty much explains everything. However, I still somehow find it difficult to find proper time for breakfast in the morning during the week days. I mostly ended up with having a quick breakfast at my office. I really think I should change this bad habit. As people getting older (sounds like I am very old now *lol*) our memory and attention become slowier. Hence, I don’t want to add anything to speed those processes. However, what are the alternatives for a quick but healthy breakfast? Instead of getting up every morning at 6am to make my omelette or a traditional English Breakfast *joking* I know that keep relying on “Oat So simple” might be effective now and then, but I shouldn’t rely on this as my premier breakfast source…
Oat So Simple - It takes about 2mins for a "perfect" breakfast

  • A good breakfast should have between 500-750 calories, where about 50% of them should come from carbohydrates (fruits, whole grain cereals such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread), 25% from protein and fats (eggs, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, milk, cheese, yogurt and meat).
  • Drinking a glass or two of water will help quench your thirst and help hydration after having a good night’s sleep. Squeezing some lemon or lime can help with flavour. Even some cordial but not too much, opt for sugar free versions.
  • A cup of coffee or green tea is welcomed. The antioxidants in a cup of tea or coffee help boost immunity and prevent disease. Caffeine can provide energy, promote endurance and enhance your metabolism.
  • Whole fruit juice contain fiber, which will help with digestion. The natural sugars are great for your energy supply during the day.
Some inspirations that I found:

*hahaha* and this how a typical breakfast would look like when I am at home with my mum

Ooooohhh – all these pictures really makes me feel hungry. I want to start from tomorrow my day with a proper breakfast: with scrambled eggs *hahaha*

Also what is same important as having a proper breakfast in the morning is

Currently, the only meal that I pay attention is dinner >.<

Lisapq xoxo

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