Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Bonjour et Bonne Nouvelle Semaine à Tous

I know everyone is been thinking/ complaining silently inside (incl. myself) – “oh no – it's Monday again...” >.<"

I have to admit that Mondays are not one of my favourite days in the week but it's also not the worst day either. I'm starting to see Mondays as a new challenge recently. A new start into a fresh new week (bit cliché ^.^). Setting myself new "targets" or maybe just repeat and try to finish the "old targets" from last week *lol* even though I see every day as a new beginning :)

Anyway, I've noticed that since I started with full time working, time is def. going much faster than I was at uni or school. Actually, time went also fast back then. But somehow I paid less attention to Mondays – it was just another day and somehow the month, year ended. Now with being in work – Mondays have become another meaning for me. 

My outfit of the day =(^.^)=

1. Cream Cardigan from Mango 2. Dark Navy Blouse from Mango 3. Black trousers and 4. Black Shoes
I really think I have improved my cooking skills a lot recently

king prawns with soja and mushrooms

I think I’m really trying to do all the “7 Steps to Healthy Skin” – except with point “3” Sleep 8 or more hours per night. Currently, this only applies during the week-end. I should schedule this more during the weeks as well...

Lisapq xoxo

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