Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Sunny SUNday

It really seems for me that currently the weather really doesn’t know whether it’s spring/ summer time or autumn *lol* yesterday rain – today sunshine non-stop (^.^)”

My outfit of the day =(^.^)=
1. Stripe Sweater from NEXT 2. Shorts from Mango 3. Black Tights and 4. Black Shoes
I need to re-write my CV and cover letter – ohhh – it’s such a pain >>.<< Never really good at this... :( Especially, when I see this “15 words on your CV that have lost all meaning” – it just felt that all my resumes in the past were wrong. Anyway, if I come across any good sources – I will share them on my blog :)

I felt so lazy to cook – that’s why I have decided to make this delicious tuna salad for lunch – it takes less than 10mins to prepare. And it’s sooo *yummy* Only disadvantage – it makes me feel hungry again very fast >.< 
tuna salad with fried egg, toast, brie and almond :)
However, since it’s a light lunch – I am allowed to treat myself with some desserts :) 

Lisapq xoxo

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