Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Happy 1st June'13

Looking outside my window it really doesn’t reflect that we have reached JUNE now – OMGEEE where is the sun? 
rainy outside my window :(
Anyway, this month is gonna be a busy month for sure. My roughly plans are:

  • Up-date my CV & apply for a new job
  • Selling all my stuffs that I don’t want on eBay
  • Travelling back home
  • Try to avoid "Take-away" food & cook more often at home (if not eating out with friends of course ^.^)
  • Finish my first part review of 桥梁 (^.^)v
  • Finish reading “The Secret Keeper” (if time allows)
  • To blog more regular (at least once or twice a week)
healthy breakfast?! :) - still think there is something missing to complete it...
My outfit of the day =(^.^)=

1. Blazer from Republic 2. Striped Dress from Primark 3. Black Tights and 4. Black Shoes from NEXT
I think my cooking skills are getting better and better

salmon with tomatoes and pasta
Lisapq xoxo

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