Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

July'13 – Summer Haul 2

Due to my hairdressing appointment at Regis in Eldon Square today, I had to go back into town. Hence, it ended up with another shopping spree – this time more in focus of what to buy for a “school cornet” as qq is gonna to Canada and for him it’s the first time after a break back to STUDY back to being a STUDENT (again).
my "school cornet" selection for qq
I think my selection is not bad~ bought different shapes of Post-it notes as qq likes to write things down. Some fold back clips – with messages on it like important, to do, copy etc. – I think having some sort of order helps to overcome/ reduce the first few weeks of study stress. Colourful pencils (qq you know from where these are :p) As well as some selection of NinJiom Herbal Candy – in case your throat hurts – these works magic to heal it. A “school cornet” would look unfinished without some sweets. Bought chocolate and a chocolate smiley – starting a life in a totally new place can be stressful – due to cultural barrier you might find yourself that not everything is handled the way that you are used to, therefore, I hope that no matter what kind of obstacle you gonna face – keep smiling!! Cos life is too precious to waste it with negative emotions... Last but not least a suitable card is a must :) 
Hope you will like my small selection~ It’s gonna be my first post that I ever gonna send to Canada~

I ended up buying for myself a tank top from Next. Normally, I am not a big “green colour” fan but this emerald colour really caught my attention.
Other than that I told my hairdresser that my scalp isn’t feeling very well recently – always itchy (it’s driving me nuts – as my hair are falling out!! *cry*cry*cry*) Even though I am using from Wella SP Balance Scalp – hence, she recommended me to use sensi balance from L’Oréal. Price for a 250ml is £9.85 – not that “cheap” but we all love our hair… :)
I finished this Sunday with a bath with the amandopondobubble bar I bought at Lush yesterday ~
The smell is just divine - not that strong over candy smell - but more of a light scent of rose flower and lemon :)

Lisa xoxo

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