Samstag, 24. August 2013

Pinterest: Toasties

Oh – I have been very lazy lately with up-dating my blog >.< guess lots of back-dating will come in the near future~ I still want to make a feature about my trip to Dublin 3 weeks ago *hahaha* 

Today’s entry is called Toasties. Recently, I have discovered a secret passion about toasties after I stumbled across this video on Youtube:

They are easy and quick to make. And most of all they fill the stomach quite well. However, also quite high in calories – between 300 – 800… Hence, it’s ideal for a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Followed by light healthy “snacks” during the lunch break in the office e.g. yogurt, crackers or fruits etc.

Lisa xoxo

PS: I made this peanut butter/ banana toastie with a colleague at my workplace yesterday - *yummy*

But I was sooo full the whole afternoon till evening that I needed to make a stop at the gym straight after work >.< Hence, I can only highly recommend it to have it as a breakfast!! :)

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