Samstag, 31. August 2013

Swedish Massage

I felt sooo exhausted these days – even though this week went pretty fast due to Bank Holiday on Monday but still… 
About two months ago I bought a voucher for a Swedish Massage @Groupon (I have already mentioned it in my previous blog entries that I buy regular vouchers *hahaha* - as I can’t mention it often enough that it’s a good way to discover and try out new things first without having to pay the full price).

I really enjoyed my message treatment – even though it wasn’t quite a 1h message (as it included the introduction and the aftercare consultation). But I guess – I received at least 30mins plus (as I didn’t watch the time).
I think I want to do these treatments more regular – maybe once per month – I know it’s quite pricey if it’s not on “offer” – but then again – it’s always worth to do something good for your body and soul.
If you live in Newcastle and want to treat yourself – my massager was called Justine – she is very friendly and is also the owner of “Beauty andthe Spa”.

My Body is now “Dtoxed” – Hence, I am ready to welcome September *hahaha*

Things that are recommened to eat after a Body Detox - NO fried oily stuffs
Do you have any places that you would recommend for a Spa treatment?

Lisa xoxo 

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