Sonntag, 1. September 2013

...When September Comes...

I have been quite neglecting my blog recently… >.< Need to change that!!

1st September already – ohhh – Summer where have you been? It feels like yesterday that I made a blog entry about “Hello August” I need to use my time more wisely and efficient!! 
The weather outside my window is already telling me – it's autumn (even though I wish it's still summer!!)
I know that this month is gonna change a lot for me – or prepare me for my next step in life – LONDON!! *hahaha* more up-date on this regard will hopefully coming soon.

I need to stay determinant and follow my goal – only 4 more months to go till 2014 (^.^)”

What is your plan for this month?

Later this afternoon – I gonna sign up for another gym month membership and I’m planning to dance away today’s day with a ZUMBA class *lol*

Lisa xoxo

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