Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Procrastination & Co >.<"

Oh – I have noticed that September is almost „over“ and I am sooo bad with keeping my blog „up-to-date“. Really wanna change this bad habit. Also, I need to deal with my procrastination!! Have sooo many things that I wanna do but only little get done due to this… I really hate this side of me!! 

This evening I went to a seminar, which was about property. Yep, I am planning or thinking about buying or investing in my own property – not this year but in the near future. Since I only have little knowledge about this topic it caught my attention when I saw this 2h seminar, which was even for free :) but nothing in this world is really for “free” – Basically, the seminar picked up on tiny pieces of a big cake – which would be for a 3-days workshop for £997 p.p. in two weeks time. But for a “newbie” in this area everything was “new” for me *lol* My friend and I decided not to join the workshop, but one thing what I have “learnt” or better it opened up my eyes a little bit more further is 1. Getting rid of Procrastination!! 2. Do what you want to do to and get rid of your (negative) thoughts – I need to beat my biggest enemy – which is “me” *lol*3. If you follow the crowd, you (might) get lost in it!!

Starting from now I want to try to re-organize my life better. Even though I know from experience that living from a “ToDo” list can be pretty tiring and exhausting but at the end the result is bigger than without any “focus” of how to manage the daily time more efficient.

I really really really don't wanna be this kind of person anymore it's “destroying” me

Lisa xoxo

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