Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

(again) New Blogname

aiaiai – I have decided to rename my blog again – now to (actually, fromlwithlove or fromlisawithlove – but these two were already taken… >.<) I just felt that my previous blog names don’t really fit my blog and me… 

I am not a fulltime or part-time blogger… maybe part part part time blogger??? It’s not that I’m not taking my blog serious. I do!! However, I barely have the time to blog daily. Most of my blog entries are back-dated – as I prefer, that the event should be closely dated on the day as it has happened… as this is a personal blog… my “virtual” diary if you want to call it like that…

Anyway, currently I’m trying to give my blog a “new face-lifting” (or whatever you wanna call it). I’m not an expert in coding or HTML; however, thanks to all the lovely people out there, who share their knowledge with the world, there is almost nothing that one cannot do these days… maybe not 1:1 perfect… but enough for the basics :)

The first “facelift” that I gave my blog was creating category tabs – these are created now as you can see but by far not finish (yet)!! 

If you want to know how to make category tabs in blogspot – the best site that I have found so far is this one by Don James – he explains everything very understandable and most importantly simple. So simple that I don’t even want to summarize it. You can read his article to “How to Add PowerPoint to Blogger - The Definitive Guide” [here]

I will keep blogging (or back-dating), while giving my blog “small” changes from time to time. However, this time I am sure that I won’t rename my blog so soon again :p

Ah – and if wonder where I got the “inspiration” for the new name – it’s from a song by Sarah Connor
Lisa xoxo

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