Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Happy Nikolaus!!

For whose, who don’t know, in some countries e.g. in Germany, today is Nikolaus (aka “pre-Santa Claus” :p) On the night before, 5th Dec. children put their clean shoe (just one) or stocking outside their bedroom door. And TATA – SURPRISE – on the next morning (today). Their shoe or stocking is either filled with presents, which means they behaved well the whole year and got treats from Nikolaus, OR they just find a birch/ rood, means they weren’t very virtuously. 

I remember that I always couldn’t sleep from the night 5th to 6th as I was too excited :D And of course I slept in – but once I was awake – first thing was – open my door and check my presents *hahah*and I can tell, that my parents never disappointed me. I even received presents when I grow up – guess in your parents eyes, you will always remain their “baby” oh – I miss my childhood… but who doesn’t :)

And regardless in which country I gonna live [and grow up my child (-ren) later], this tradition will be continued.

Do you like this idea of “pre-Santa Claus”? And does your country has similar pre-Santa Claus” traditions?

I have created some stocking filling ideas/ inspirations FOR HER (where you can surprise your bestie or significant other half (if you don’t have children yet) – Hope you will like it :) Always remember: It’s not the money value of the gift that counts, it’s the thoughts, effort and love that we have put into our present(s). And who doesn’t like (surprise) presents?? We will never grow old in this regard, am I right? :)

My top 5 for:

Stocking filling ideas around £5

Stocking filling ideas around £10
1. Photo Album (£7.99) 2. Besties by Benefit (£9.50) 3. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Chocolate) (£6.99) 4. One by CK 50ml (£8.25) 5. Peplum Skirt by Oasis (£10)

Stocking filling ideas around £20 

Hope my pre-Santa Claus has stopped here as well… :p

Lisa xoxo

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