Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Back to Blogging :)

I really do have neglected my blog for a while… Was really sick this time Sick smiletwo cold in a row >.< that’s enough for the rest of the year!!! (maybe even for next year…)
I recovered pretty “fast” from my first cold and was back into my “busy” life again… plus, Chinese New Year was about to come… hence, meeting friends here and there… lots of food and then BANG – without any advance notice I was totally sick again Crying faceand it was even more painful and worse (!) than the first one. And that on 31st January – I couldn’t ask for a “better” start into the Horse Year *lol* I mean who wants to be sick on New Year?? Crying faceCrying faceCrying faceI am healthy again but I’m going to take things very slowly this time. NO appointments and NO plans for a whole week (incl. this week-end). Hence, this means lots of extra time that I can dedicate to my blog Open-mouthed smileBesides new entries you can expect some back-dated posts that were meant to be published…
Ah, and if you wonder where all those smiles come from… I have discovered Windows Live Writer (for those of you, who haven’t heard about it – it’s is a desktop blog-publishing application). It allows me to write my posts offline and once I’m done I click on “publish” and it will import my posts online. Btw. this is my first post using Windows Live Writer Open-mouthed smile You can download yours here.

Let me know your thoughts of it. Does it make blogging more easier for you or do you use other desktop blog-publishing applications?

Lisa xoxo

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