Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

Spring Boots'14

This week-end is planned for shopping!! To be precise I need shoes (even though ppl, who know me, would say “what you wanna buy shoes again? Didn’t you just buy […]” *lalalala* What can I say *hehe* :p

Actually, I’m planning to buy ankle boots this time. Plus, even if I buy for instance the same black boots again – they will never be 100% exactly the same – different high, different brands, different material & shape ETC. (!). All these little (important!!) differences that a guy won’t notice – but we girls – am I right? :D

These are my favourites so far:
1. Black Studded Ribbon High Ankle Boots by Faith (£65) // 2. Navy 'Junette' High Heel Ankle Boots by Nine West (£89, available also in grey colour) // 3. Cream 'Borosky' Stacked Heel Lace Ankle Boots by Call it Spring (£50) // 4. Raspy Leather Lace Up Ankle Boot by Dune (£110) // 5. Elastic Emilia Boot by Oasis (£65)
Oohhh – decision won’t be easy. Once I’m in store there are even more selection to choose from… >.< 

Which one would you go for?

Lisa xoxo

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