Montag, 3. März 2014

Music Monday #9

Hello Lovelies,
Another new week has started – A new week in a new month. Last night was the Oscars!! I can’t believe that I totally forgot it until I heard the news this morning.

Were you happy with the results? I just can’t believe. Some just deserve to win – I know they are already international BIG superstars (with millions of $$$ in their bank account) but without ever win an Oscar? I feel sorry for… Is like selling zillions of albums/ records but never win a Grammy?

An award is not just a “collection” but it’s a lifetime recognition for ones hard work and achievement!! It’s not a big secret that the judges in the Oscar committee are “private” and “exclusive” but still… Were you happy with the results? Who was your favourite?

Anyway, my actual Music Monday song choice for this week will be postpone till next… cos I have decided to share this year’s Oscar winning song with you. Do you like? Have you seen the animated movie yet? NoteNoteNote Let it go – Let it go – You will never see me cry NoteNoteNote

Lisa xoxo

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