Freitag, 11. April 2014


Recently, I have done quite a few research on how to be a better blogger. One of this is to maintain and try to keep my blog as up-dated as possible. I know, I am repeating myself here. However, I am still far away to say 'I am a good blogger' at the moment. There is still so much for me to learn. I will try my best to produce better content and to be more interactive in the blogosphere. There are zillions excellent bloggers out there. They are an inspiration and reason why I decided to have a blog again (& to keep it this time!!).
As some of you might have read from my previous entries, I will be on holiday from next week. Besides my smartphone, I will have my iPad with me. Laptop would be 'bit' heavy to carry it around (all the time). Plus, it won't fit into my handbags. It maybe will but won't leave much space for other items...

Anyway, this would mean I won't be able to blog :( While trying to find an answer how to blog offline from my iPad, I come across Blogsy. It's an app. It allows you to create offline posts and uses a clear an usable interface. Once the post is written and you are connected to the internet, it can be uploaded to your blog. It supports a number of different publishing platforms like Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr, WordPress etc. You can have as many drafts saved on Blogsy as you want. There is even a possiblilty to schedule the post, changing text format, colour, font size, adding videos etc. Basically all the main & basic functions are available on this app as well.

Right now I am using this app from my iPad to create this post :) I am so happy to find this app and I hope you will find it useful as well. If you prefer to create offline post from your laptop/ pc, then please read this post of mine here.

Do you know other apps/ programs that allow you to creat offline post? What do you think of Blogsy? Are you using this app? And if yes, what are your experince with it so far?

Lisa xoxo

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