Samstag, 12. April 2014

Easter Treats Part 1

Everyone, who knows me, will know that I love chocolate. Especially Belgium and Swiss Chocolate – I simply can’t get enough of them :)

Thorntons and Hotel Chocolate are one of my favourite UK chocolate brands. I prefer them waaay over Cadbury. Some might argue here with me as both brands are very popular in the UK.

When I passed a Thorntons shop today, I couldn’t resist of not going inside and have a look. And it ends up with more than just have a look” *lol*
Aren't these too adorable to eat (^.^)"

Their chocolate bars are currently on offer 3 for £5
Caramel Cheescake // Salted Pistachio // Honeycomb
Thorntons Classics
What do you think of their this year's Eater collections? Aren't they cute? :)
I received last year a personalised Easter Egg with my name on it. It took me weeks to decide whether I should eat/ destroy it or not as it looked just too cute on my desk...
Anyway, if you are looking for a last minute Ester gift and this person like chocolate, then I would give it a go with a personalised Easter Egg.

Lisa xoxo

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