Montag, 14. April 2014

Music Monday #15

Hello Lovelies,

Hope everyone had a fantastic week-end behind. Next Monday will be already Easter Monday. How fast the time flies. February felt like “eternity” whereas March, April goes super fast (& I already know May will be the same).

Today’s song pick is very old but I still love it – Hope you too!! Maybe influenced by too many zumba classes visit *lol* La Bamba by Ritchie Valens 
Have you seen the movie of the same title, which portraits the singer’s life? I haven’t but it’s on my “must-see list” :)

NoteNoteNote Bamba, bamba · Bamba, bamba · Bamba, bamba, bam NoteNoteNoteEnjoy!

Lisa xoxo


  1. Antworten
    1. thx u Jasmine!! ♥ I also like it much better than the previous one *hehe* x