Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

#BEDM Day 3: Weekend Morning Routine

I randomly came across the “Blog Every Day in May” challenge, which is created by Rosalilium. As I have mentioned in my roughly plans/ goals for this month, I am hoping to blog more. Hence, I am very happy to take part in this, even though I'm a bit behind the schedule… however, it's better late than never :p

In this post I’ll talk about my week-end morning routine.

My Saturday and Sunday morning routines are very different from the rest of the week. 
 Let’s start with Saturday:

  1. Wake-up around 8amish
  2. Checking phone messages/ emails/ social media...
  3. Brush my teeth, wash my face (currently using Gel Eclat by Lancôme)
  4. Breakfast in bed, while
  5. Youtubing (I have a weakness for trailers at the moment)
  6. Cleaning my bed and bedroom and
  7. Getting myself ready for gym class at 10.30amish
  8. Back from gym – taking shower
  9. Doing my make-up and prepare to start my day

Now to Sunday (I call it 'lazy Sunday' – in comparison to Saturday NO rush – I will take everything very ‘slowly’):
  1. Sleep – sleep – sleep – NO alarm clocks (!) on Sunday!! I need more than one alarm clock to wake me up. Hence, it sometimes can happen that I wake up around noon *blush*
  2. Checking phone messages/ emails/ social media...
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Pancakes in bed
  5. Doing some phone calls (family & friends)
  6. Watching TV shows/ movie or reading a book or blogs
  7. Taking a shower, exfoliation etc. (doing loads of pampering)
  8. Cleaning my bed and bedroom and
  9. Prepare to start my day (if possible being make-up free for one day or doing the very basics)

That’s my morning routine for the week-end. How does yours look like? Hope you have enjoyed reading them. 

Lisa xoxo

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