Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Quick Up-date

Hello Everyone,

Oh – I know I have been quite quiet here recently. Too many things have happened in the meantime and I will blog about them soon.
I attended a blogger event for the very first time in my life, I bought a S5 (review will follow as well) since my previous Samsung Galaxy got the “Sudden Death” Syndrome (this is actually a real term for this problematic and it seems to be widespread amount many Samsung users. All I can say is that’s very SAD – especially when you are paying a premium (!) price). Anyway, more about this later... Also, I was lucky to attend some awesome parties. And of course lots of shopping etc. All I can say is the last couple of weeks were great – but I know a lot of changes will come in the next few weeks/ months and I am looking forward to embrace this new challenge.
Apropos, speaking of shopping I will go to Bicester Village tomorrow. I am already looking forward to. I hope I can find some nice designer items there (especially shoes), even though, I know my credit card won’t be very happy to hear this *lol*

Stay tuned for all the up-dates and HAPPY (BANK HOLIDAY) WEEK-END!!

Lisa xoxo

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