Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Berlin Mitte

I had some errands to do around Berlin Mitte this afternoon.
In the past I used to come here quite often, almost every day since my Uni was at this part of the city.
Nothing has really changed since my last visit. Maybe more shops and tourists?!
But let the pictures speak for themselves :)
Dorotheenstraße (with Berlin's famous TV Tower in the bg)
Humboldt University of Berlin - #proud to be an alumni :)
Wilhelm von Humbolt - founder of the uni
Friedrich der Grosse
Französische Str. (shopping centre)
Fernsehturm (TV Tower)
We make a stop for dinner at a chinese restaurant called China-City. Time goes so fast. Last time I was here with my family during x.mas time and now it's been seven months. It doesn't feel that long...
Dishes (excl. steamed rice & tea - forgot to take pictures ^.^) from left above to right down 1. Steamed halibut with ginger and chives 2. Shanghai XiaoLongBao 3. Tofu 4. Jelly Fish Salad 5. Gong Bao Chicken
Have you ever been to Berlin? If yes, which area were your most (least) favourite?

Lisa xoxo

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