Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

My Recent Swarovski Haul

Before leaving the UK I wanted to buy myself and a special friend of mine a friendship bracelet. Even if I won’t be with her for a time being, till we re-unit, she should know that I cherish her and our friendship.
Yep, I am that type of girl, who buys friendship bracelets, friendship keyrings and even friendship cuddly toys but only for people, who really means more than something to me. Otherwise, the special meaning behind those friendship gifts would lose…
There is no better place to shop for sparkly items then to Swarovski ^^
I used to have a signature pen in the past, also from Swarovski, but it broke. Hopefully, I can use this one longer than the previous one.
Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pen Rose Pearl, Vintage Rose (here)

I think everyone should own a signature/ personal pen. Even though, due to the invention of PCs, which leads to a decline in using pens every day, it is still an important item. After all, almost all signatures nowadays still need to be signed by hand. Owing a high-quality pen shows that you are always prepared.

Now to the bracelet
Tennis Bracelet in rose gold (here)
I simply love this classic look. I first wanted to go for either silver or pink – but the salesperson introduced me to rose gold. And it’s just perfect. Elegant, very feminine & timeless classic at the same time, which can be matched to any outfits. Hence, ideal for everyday wear :)
My friend sends me a picture how it looks on her.
"Thank you. I love it" ^^
Last but not least my personal Swarovski membership card 
Have you ever bought friendship item? What is so far your favourite haul at Swarovski?

Lisa xoxo

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