Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Music Monday #29

Hi Everyone,

While writing this post I am having a mix feeling… this week has finally arrived. I will be flying home tomorrow. Most of my items are packed. Two packages were collected this noon and should arrive by Wednesday. 

Almost three years in the UK. Kind of a strange feeling. There are things here that want me leave this place immediately, but also things that want me stay here for a bit longer. I don’t know if you have had ever witness this kind of emotional feeling. 

I have lived in other (even more exited) cities before. But as far as I remember less than one year. I mean it’s almost three years. In a fast-paced environment we are living now – it’s a long time. And so many things have happened in this period. Things that I can and will never ever forget in my life. Good things as well as bad thing. But luckily the good things overweight ^.^
And I can say, that beside London, the capital; Newcastle will be a city that’s on my visit list, whenever I get the chance to return to the UK. Guess, I have a tiny bit of a Geordie in me now... :p

Anyway, I don’t want to go into to detail, after all it’s a Music Monday post. I might have a separate post about this later… ;)

So, for this week’s music – I wanted to choose an artist from Newcastle. Hence, my choice goes to Cheryl Cole – Did you know that you she is originally from this part of the UK? To be more precise from the residential suburb called Heaton? The same area, where I lived during my university time :) 
As I always like to say, the world is small.

Enjoy! :)
Lisa xoxo

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