Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Summer Shoes @ Kurt Geiger

Hi Everyone,

I know I have been bit quiet recently... So many things are happening right now in my life... I will blog about them at some point later. This week-end I will be on Staycation. Hence, no time to blog :( Therefore, here a quick post about my recent shoe shopping spree at Kurt Geiger.

Can you guess what are inside these two bags?

Tata – My new summer shoe collection… :)
Shall we start with the evening/ occasional ones? So, what's inside this box? Any guess...
These "killer" heels that makes your legs look endless long :)

I won’t think that I would have immediately buy these, if they didn’t have any sparkle. Oh yeah – have I ever mentioned that I like everything that is glittery and sparkly? :D

My next buy is from Converse.
If you are following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I have recently bought a white pair of Converse sneakers. However, I was thinking to buy a black one too but hesitated since I don’t want to have the same model twice just in a different colour. So, when I saw the CT Ballerina version by Converse and that in black/ white colour, the answer was very clear me as you can see… *hehe*


Last but not least my Miss KG Flip Flops
I guess, you can easily guess the reason why I bought these… because of the glitter *haha*
And maybe also because of the heals… They make my legs look big longer (from far *haha*)
Lisa xoxo 
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