Montag, 4. August 2014

Music Monday #31

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this post with a mixed feeling. My suitcases are more or less finish packed. From tomorrow I will “exchange” Australia for Europe for a while… At least for a year – who knows what will happen after… or where my next destination will be. About two months ago, I was still sure that I would move to London during or after the summer. However, plans have changed a little bit… I have chosen family over career. I really don’t know what to expect once I am there. For the first time in my life I really don’t know and can’t say what happened next. So far everything went smooth… I went straight after my A-Levels to Uni. Master followed straight after my Bachelor’s Degree. Even my first job followed straight after I finished Uni. There was never any real “breaks” in-between.

I am sure and hope that I will find easily a job in Down Under. #FingersCrossed Shouldn’t be that difficult…

 However, I don’t want any job. I know that due to current economic and job market situation one shouldn’t be too picky… But, I wish that my next job is something that I really like to do.

I won’t go back to a PR agency. Even though I am on two weeks break now, I still feel like I am recharging myself. The next two weeks will be job-hunting and finding more about me and myself.

Too many things have happened and I think now it’s time for me to take a break and to reflect.

Money can buy you “almost” everything, apart from love, health and happiness.

Anyway, for this week’s song I have chosen 'I believe' by Yolanda Adams – Enjoy! :)

Lisa xoxo

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