Sonntag, 31. August 2014

The Sunday Social #4

Hello Everyone,

I have barely blogged this month :( even though there are so many things I want to share – mostly touristy stuffs :p 

But so many things are going through my head that it makes me hard to focus. Dunno if you have ever witnessed those kind of moments, were you wished to “multiply yourself”, in order to complete the endless growing ToDo-List…

Anyway, here are my answer:

1. What is one thing you hate doing?

Tidy in general *lol*

2. What is one thing you hate shopping for?

Food shopping.

3. What is one thing you love doing?

Clothing/ Shoe Shopping

4. What is one place you love going?

Beach – I love the sound of the waves

5. What is your favorite thing to do that you do daily?

Sleeping &

Next week’s questions are:

1. 5 things you want us to know about you
2. 5 favorite things about blogging
3. 5 things you are doing before the year is over
4. 5 favorite fall fashion staples
5. 5 favorite beauty products
Happy Sunday Everyone!! :)

Lisa xoxo


  1. We have the same answer to #5, except I should add dreaming too! Happy Sunday!

  2. hey there :) cool post !its pretty!

    Visit my pages if you like and maybe you would like to follow each other? let me know