Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

La Vita

Finally week-end (^_^)v can’t believe that I survived another week *lol*

Today I went for dinner with qq at La Vita, which is in Heaton. It’s a nice, small Italian restaurant and the staffs there are very friendly. Actually, it wasn’t planned to have Italian food for dinner but because we want to go to a medium budget one as we both weren’t really hungry tonight. Therefore, we both originally decided to go to Butterfly Cabinet for food but unfortunately, it was already closed :( Hence, we decided to go to La Vita as they both are on the same street.

We went there at about 5pm30 and we were lucky as it wasn’t full at that time. Moreover, we just arrived on time for their evening special offers (from 5pm till 7pm). All 2-Courses Menu (Starter plus any Main Course, which would be either Pizza or Pasta) costs only £4.75 p.p. – what a great price – cheaper than McDonald & Co *lol*

This is what I ordered for the starter Fried Potato Skins (never thought I would eat it as I normally throw them away when I cook potatoes at home...)

My main course – Salmone (with Salmon, tomato, onions and cream)

qq ordered Portofino (with Prawns, mussels, tuna, tossed in olive oil, white wine, garlic and tomato sauce) - picture in the plate in the background...

All in all we had to pay £12.90 (incl. 2 glasses of orange juice)... but I paid them in addition a generous tip for a nice evening :)


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