Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Tang's Kitchen

white landscape outsite my window
Ooooh, who would imagine that after barely any snow last year it will heavily start snowing this year? Brrr – it’s sooo cold outside >.< makes me wanna stay at home in my warm bed every morning.
Anyway, I went for badminton this afternoon and after that I went for HotPot (^.^)” what better food can one choose during this cold weather than eating HotPot *lol*Moreover, it will keep one’s body warm inside and that for many hours *hehehe*

The place where I went is called “Tang’s Kitchen”, which is situated in City Centre (NE1 5DZ).

The price p.p. is £17.75 (and it's an "All You Can Eat" Restaurant).

In comparison to a Buffet Restaurant, where one can choose one’s own food – at Tang’s Kitchen everything is already served for one – it includes pretty much everything as one can see from the picture – a vegetable plate, seafood plate (incl. with prawns etc.), a big crab and three plates of different meat (pork, beef and lamp).
*yummy*yummy* was sooo full that we didn’t even order another plate (^_^)” Do you love HotPot as much as I do?! :)

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