Montag, 15. April 2013

Bringing qq to the airport…

I can’t believe that the days that we have sent together are over. You came here last year in November, 20th – I still remember when I picked you up from the airport. The excitement and worry in my heart. Excitement that I can finally spend real time with you – I mean real and not through video chat etc. Worry because you were staying here till today (146days to be exact) – Almost half a year – that’s more than we have ever spent as a couple in real~ and a lot of things can be happen during this time.

And yes, A LOT OF things did indeed happen – both good and bad. We had our arguments, were in pain and heartbroken but most important of all we are still together, even though it felt like the world is “against” us at the moment. I do love you, even though I can see that you are not perfect – but again – I’m not perfect either. I’ve mistake and I make mistake. But please be patience with me. I’ll try my best to correct these mistakes without correcting/ changing myself completely.

I don’t know how the future will look like for us. Will we be together forever or ending up as friends? One thing for sure – I don’t wanna us ending up as “enemy” neither do you I know. But I also don’t wanna us to be strangers.

I remember me saying this to you in BJ, when we were sitting in your car one night and you were droving me back to my campus: 

When two People in Love Break up,
They can't be Friends as they have Hurt Each other,
They can't be Enemies as once they Loved Each other,
The Only thing they can be, Are the Most Familiar Strangers .” 

You said it would be the last one “strangers” but to me you said “friends” IF this would ever happen…

Anyway, I can’t predict the future – especially, when this will be involving with two more years of waiting as you will go to Canada this autumn for a two-years study, meanwhile, me staying here in Europe. Of course we will see each-other in real as well during this time but as I said it won’t be 146 (plus) days currently, 14days maximum as I need to take holidays from work. And if you come to visit me this will be only achievable during your semester holidays (+/-) 1 – 2 months. Which means in total seeing each-other ~2months a year max – and that’s for two more years without the guarantee in which direction our relationship will end up after that. Especially, when you told me not to wait for you as you can’t promise anything at the moment.

To be honest, I don’t want you to promise anything, I know that promises don’t come easy. But I hope that if you promise me anything, please keep it. As otherwise, this will hurt me more, than you not willing to promise anything. I know I’m a bit naive in this regard as I do honestly believe in promises.

These are the songs that makes me think about you and our relationship:

First Love by Utada Hikaru (eng. version)

First Love by Utada Hikaru (jap. version)

Promises Don't Come Easy by Caron Nightingale

Our favourite top "3" (^.^)"

At Least I Still Have You by Lin Yi Lian

Airplanes by B.o.B fear Hayley Williams

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

I know if you read this you might say, that we have more than just these "3" songs that we share and like - but these are the top and will remind me about you forever~

I still remember the first song that you sang to me when you accompanied me back to my dorm back then :) how time flies~ 

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