Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013


Well well well – after the last few weeks of non-stop sunshine, the weather has decided to make a „small“ change. I know, when I left home this morning on my way to work, that it was bit cloudy and humid – but never would I imagine that halfway home from work it would start pouring rain!!

Luckily it's summer – I was like f*** why now and IF then why not earlier? When I just left the office… Why, halfway?! As I was wet anyway, I decided to go back home instead of waiting for it to stop rain. Plus, I didn’t know when this would stop (if ever...).  
It’s the first time ever that I got completely wet – “like a drowned rat” from head to toe *lol*
Once I arrived home –> HOT shower (and I just washed my hair yesterday… >.<) then all my wet clothes went straight to the washing machine. And today, NO healthy food – my body felt like craving for energy –> CHOCOLATE!! I didn’t realize till I arrive home that my body was actually shaken and I felt bit dizzy >.<
I drunk lots of noodle soup with extra ginger and garlic for dinner – to prevent myself from getting a “cold”.

That’s why I said – Luckily it’s summer rain. At least the temperature is “warm”. But I have to admit – I had to smile once I arrived home safely. Quite refreshing feeling”. First time ever that I did such a crazy/ stupid thing. Normally, under these circumstances, I would just wait till it stops rain…

Happy Wednesday!! :)

Lisa xoxo

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