Samstag, 29. März 2014

Spring Forward'14

Tonight’s night will become shorter because it’s summer time. Means, one hour is “stolen” from us in order to have more daylight in the evening and less in the morning… Do you like the idea of changing the clock forward for an hour? Is daylight saving time worth it?

I find the whole back and forwards unnecessary but that’s just my opinion. Not all country are participating in this whole “clock change event”, while in some other countries there has been already summer time since the beginning of this month.

Anyway, at 2am Sunday morning you need to move the clock up one hour (to 3am).
Is there anything that you can do to prepare for this upcoming time change?
Yes, go to bed earlier on the day of the change. According to USB News “it is harder to sleep later because humans tend to awaken fairly automatically. Our eyelids are not opaque and most people are sensitive to increases in light, so we tend to wake up before our alarms go off because of that”.

Which in my case I can agree as I noticed that recently I wake up earlier than before. Today even already at 6.30am!! Crazy I know >.<

Lisa xoxo

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